Drooping filament !

Recently got an M200 printer and loving it so far !

Just having a couple of issues with a new model we are trying to print.

Its a gopro mount, with 2 strap holes to hold the gopro onto it, one of these holes closes up during printing, as the filament has no support there, and it cant easily be printed with support as you cant get it out !

Are there any settings that would help this to print better, or do i need to redesign it?

Attached are some pics of the problem and the stl, print settings below:


0.29 layer height

Normal print speed

Medium Infill

no support

Any help greatly appreciated !



It looks to me is that you printed out at .29 layer height I never use that setting cuz everything I print fails try it at .19 and it should work much better

Thanks for the advice - will try at .19 and see how it goes 

Unfortunately you are printing 2 notoriously difficult elements in 3D printing. The first is bridging shown in your first picture and the second is overhang.

You could improve this by adjusting your print settings on a open source 3D system, however, Zortrax is a closed system, so you will either have to use support, add manual support, or, try rotating your file so that the M200 no longer has to deal with these 2 difficult angles.

I found this link a great source of useful information for 3D printing troubleshooting:



Reprinted at 0.19 layer height and it came out perfectly. Many thanks for the tips