electricity on screw


i got a problem with with my new Zortrax M200 version 4,

I found that all screws in machine have deliver some electricity when touch it by twizer or by hand. 

is it normal? or have leak wire in machine that cause this problem?

thank you.

That's not normal. Could be a grounding issue or the power supply might be faulty.


i see, i will contact my local re seller to solve this problem

thank you.

Connect printer directly to wall socket which contain ground pin, some extension cords do not contain proper grounding.

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If there is a grounding problem this could be a lethal danger, don't touch the printer until you know what's wrong!   :wub:

Use a voltage tester for further tests or if in question ask an electrician.

If the problem is still there after you plugged it in directly to the wall socket, there's probably something wrong with the grounding in the house (not so seldom found).

If you have an european socket that can be turned, you can try to turn the plug by 180 degrees. If that solves it you should call an electrician for checking the houses cabling.