Error #013: Unexpected drop in extruder temperature

I have a problem with my printer when printing with the "auto fan speed" feature selected.

Every time I start a print with a bigger base structure which triggers the fans to start after the raft is finished,

my Zortrax aborts the print roughly within the second layer after the raft is finished, resulting in error #013 (Unexpected drop in extruder temperature).

I did an individual double fan mod really similar to the common one here in the forum, nevertheless older prints showed that using the original fan only will get me the same error. The error only occurs when the fans are physically connected to the printer. Same z-code file with the fans disconnected will work.

I will append the z-code in an additional post from my printing PC... For what I know the error does not occur on the same spot every time, so I don't know if this will help much. Surprisingly with the recent print shown in the picture, the fans did start nearly 1min or so before the error...

Anyone familiar to this? I'm running out of ideas and have quite big printing project going on.
Would be great to get some help... :)

I have read going above 60% manual fan can cause that error with dual fans. So Auto I believe would cause this also. You could try the block insulators if you have not already? Z-Temp website has them, and maybe similar types elsewhere.

Search the forum for silicone sock, there is a thread that will help with your problem. You can run duel fans at 100% if you add this non-intrusive mod. It's great when printing small parts or PLA.