Example prints / example pictures for the different types of filament

Could you please add example pictures (with printent objects) to the different types of filament to the shop page ?

In most of the case the color of the print will look different as the filament color looks.

So it would be great if you can add example pictures of prints with the different filament on the shop page.

This would make it easier to check if you need to colorized the filament or if the printet filament color itself would be fine.

For example I missing some example prints for the new filament types like Z-GLASS and Z-HIPS.

The colors of the filament always will look different, it depends on your monitor and settings.

I don't mean the difference between the monitor and filament (thats normal and for this reason we have color profiles), I mean more the different between the filament and the printend filament.

If you add an photo of an printend element near the filament it would give you an better idea how your prints are look like with type of filament and color.

For example ColorFabb is doing this for most of their filament:


It would also help for question like "white filament - pigmented".

I vaguely remember ultimaker printing out one of their robots for each of their materials/colors. It was helpful to actually see the color/material in a print. Perhaps Zortrax could print out their "Z" or something similar for each of their materials. Somewhere is a photo of each of their colors printed in clips... Which I find very helpful.

lemme find it....


there we go.