Extruder gear moving like crazy :)


I have a small problem with my new Zortrax printer. Today, it stopped extruding while printing and I noticed that the gear was not moving properly. Like it didn't have power to drag the material. 

Like this:


We checked and the nozzle is not clogged or anything. The gear is just not working.

Any ideas why this might be happening?

Thank you!

The type of motor is called a stepping motor.has coils that need to be activated in a defined sequence or else the rotor will no longer be synchronized with the coils.....you will get random motions with varying degrees of torques like what you are seeing

Check to see all connections to the extruder are secure. If so, first thing I'd do would be to buy a new flat ribbon cable.

Checked that.  Everything looks in its place. I will contact support tomorrow when I go to the office. The printer should be in warranty. 

I became used to various problems of other printers, but this is the first time when the stepper motor is having a party on its own. :)))


Agree with Mr. Sauce. Bad cable or connection to stepper is likely.

Likely the main ribbon cable.

We checked everything again and yes... it seems the ribbon cable has problems. Thank you

I had the same problems, and needed the printer while waiting for a new cable. Try this for a quick fix: Use gaffer tape and tape the cable to the extruder head so that the cable is more or less parallel to the platform. It worked on mine, so well I still haven't changed the cable!