Extruder slow to be ready


I have solve all my past problem with my printer, and now its start to print good.

but i see the extruder take always more of 5 minuts for be operative....sometime the percentual bar when is near to 80% come back in 40%.....??? why??.


at least in all cases the extruder always arrive in temperature and the print start, but its normal need all that time for arrive in temperature?

That sounds like a Ribbon Cable Issue, try moving the Ribbon Cable around while it is heating and watch to see if the bar jumps a lot. This happened on my machine and it was always going to 40% when the connection was broken.


Actually this is a issue with the Firmware. Update the firmware to the latest version and it will be fixed.


Link where you will find the newest Firmware update: http://support.zortrax.com/home/zortrax-m200-overview/downloads/

Not always is firmware related. I just had this behaviour on my machine, resulted that was a faulty heater. Replaced and was back to the game.

i update new firmware 0.7, ( cool the red light during the heating ) but still same problem.

How i can check if my cable have problem? what kind of problem can be??

Check the set screws in the heater block for tightness.

You can also use Tinfoil to close the gap in the heater cartage if there is one, this may help reduce start up times. I used it on my machine and i'd say I have saved around a minute each print because of it, a small improvement but one that has results.