Fan keeps turning at max power


I had a file where I noticed that after printing the fan keeps turning at max power (I guess, sounds like it) until you press the front button/knob next to the LCD screen.

I sliced the model again in the latest software and it did it again, did anybody else have this problem?

Which fan? Top or bottom?

Mine keeps going full-tilt after each print too. Supposedly they're working on implementing a full standby mode to initiate after a print finishes (shut down all heat, fans, and motors) but obviously there's no word on when it'll be implemented. 

Which fan? Top or bottom?

Definitely top, haven't cared to check bottom. It runs continuously even well after the hot end has lost all memories of ever being warm. 

I haven't checked but I thought the bottom because I was under the impression only that one is variable. But it could also be the top. It sounds the same as when printing the fan is blowing harder on small features.