Fast Speed for UltraT?

Z-Team: any chance that UltraT can get a "Fast" speed like ABS has?



Do you mean the z-suite ultrat profile option?

Silly me, I didn't notice this had been added in 0.0.9, thanks :)

Silly me, I didn't notice this had been added in 0.0.9, thanks :)

You had me wondering Julia... I was a bit confused..

My Zortrax was down for a while, and I'd been busy designing for the past month rather than printing, so I hadn't had a chance to try 0.0.9. But now I'm in the printing phase of the project, and loving high-speed with UltraT!

How much degradation in quality do you notice?

Haven't done any detailed comparison with the M200, but on the Up the quality difference between Fast and Normal is minimal on most prints. In any case, when I'm doing "draft" prints for initial test and debug it doesn't matter at all - I just need to see if I remembered everything, if the parts mate up, etc. While it's great that we now have "fast" speed for UltraT, the maximum layer thickness is still limited to 0.19, which makes for long print times - I'd love to see 0.25 or 0.30mm for draft-quality prints.

Minimal on most prints, yes. The only issue I had using high speed (both abs and ultrat) was when printing thin walls. Bad-looking layers in the z-seam area.

I haven't compared fast and normal with UltraT, but with Z-ABS I see ghosting when printing fast.