Filament Entanglement

I'm posting this here because no one replied to the post on the forum.


On one spool of Z-ABS the filament being extracted kept getting caught up by the other filament to the point it would prevent the spool from rotating. Is there some device to keep this from happening?


This particular spool was one of the first black Z-ABS filaments available after the shortage of same. The filament itself is not of a linear construction with straight sections followed by slightly bent areas. It unrolls off in very uneven fashion. The attached pic shows how it was wound onto the spool.




Same Problem here... any Ideas?

If you want prevent tangled filament I guess you have to unload every spool and wind it yourself while keeping care that the spool is not loaded too much (filament could jump of then and tangle also).

There are filament sensors available (I ordered them for another printer) that could stop the printer to prevent further damage, but to implement this for the M200 this would need some modifications.