Filament/Ribbon cable combo

Something that I did up in a few minutes, a redesign of another users Ribbon cable holder. 

Pay no attention to the STL viewer in Thingiverse, apparently I modeled the part up-side-down. I left extra room on the Feed tube side for those who have larger tubes then the standard Zortrax size.

very nice. if you also make a variation with the hole extended a bit to the back for the filament to go upwards in a straighter manner, then it would be the best one over there...

I am not sure what you mean voudas, if you are talking about the bottom of the clip needing to be modified to accommodate the curve of the angle/plastic it can be done.

i meant sth like that combo with the ribbon holder BUT while searching it to show it to you i found this one which is exactly what i meant :)

AH, yes, I had seen the second link before and had it printed on my machine, however I prefer my design over the "tube holder V2" because of my lack of space and how prone I am to breaking something like that. Plus the objective of a set up like that (at least in my eyes) is to make everything streamlined and not make it stand out.