Firmware .0.4 platform heating problems

With firmware .0.4 platform heating will often stop around 95% and slowly start regressing backwards, and never reach 100%. Sometimes it works but I don't see a particular reason why. I just need to restart the machine until it does. When it does reach 100% it takes a LONG time.

When I use firmware .0.3 it heats right up, quickly and every time. Anyone else experience this? Is there a fix? I like to be able to use the pause functionality and other improvements in 0.0.4. 

Same issue here. Rafal said it will be fixed with 0.0.5.

I haven't had the problem where it starts cooling again but I have noticed it takes longer to heat up..  Also it appears that the nozzle doesn't heat up until after the platform heats which makes it take longer to start printing.

Good to hear it'll be fixed in 0.0.5.  Looking forward to the wifi ability too.

I agree^^.

One change i would like to see is when platform hits 60% heat (or whatever it is) start to heat extruder so they both are ready at the same time.

Same issue here. Rafal said it will be fixed with 0.0.5.

Do you have a process you follow when it doesn't heat up or do you just try again until it does? It's frustrating not knowing how long it'll take to get a print started. I wonder why it seems to only be an issue with some machines?

They said it has something to do with the supply voltage… It seems to happen on 110v only…

I have that problem on occasion and cycling power seems to do the trick.