Firmware Error!!! very high


1. print is finish (in display 100%)

2. put out the sd card

3. push the button and make an filament change

4. extruder heating (22%) and then printer hangs up and extruder is heating and heating and heating!!

you dont see this in display (22%) you only smell this.

my second time now.

and why no firmware bugtracker here?

Try restarting the printer. 

That happened to me the other day.  Powering the printer down and back on and re-seating the ribbon cable seemed to fix it.


restarting isnt help. :(

help is firmware must check the temp.

the temp going up over 300 degress and more.

Check the temp sensor and heating element wires and make sure they are fully inside the heating block.

is all okay

isnt problem with the cable

is an problem with the firmware.

marlin/repetier has watchdog, if the temp out of range - shutdown an stop all.

Did you contact support?
Same problem appeared to me 3 days ago.
Heating stops at 97% - 98%. But if I "shake" the ribbon cable back and forth the printing process sudenly starts.