First run

Hello all,

I am just now getting around to my first print. I am not feeling my best this morning. I unzipped and transferred 0.0.2 firmware to the enclosed SD card then inserted into reader as prompted. It still says “Please insert memory card with newest update.bin file” after 10 minutes. Is this correct?

I had to turn my printer off - then on again - then it did the firmware :slight_smile:

That did it thanks!!!


Now for calibration. If I understand correctly, the calibration in the menu does nothing at the moment right? I did try it and now the fans are on and I think it is waiting for the bed to heat up.

Calibration does nothing for me either. Check the bubble level calibration instructions in the forum.

Yes, calibration does nothing in 0.0.2 except speed up the fan. :slight_smile:

I used the paper trick. Being a tool and die maker this technique is very familiar. I did have a little bit of the raft come up though on my first print. Doesn’t seem to have affected the print. Just waiting for it to cool down slowly.


I had those raft liftings problems quite much at the beginning (and going worse and worse). The solution for me was to sratch gently the bed surface with some kitchen scratching scourer, then clean it very well (degrease it) with some cleaning alcohol : the problem disapeared. Once every few days, I am cleaning with the alcohol again.

The thing is also not to run a print as soon as the printer is powered on : maybe wait 10 minutes for the bed to be at a steady temperature.

Good luck :wink:


Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.