First Setup

I'm doing M200 first setup.

Step: "Insert the build Platform and fit magnets".

I can't insert the build support because magnets supports are too high and platfform touches extruder.


Thank you very much :)

I believe you are having trouble dropping the build plate in, if the bracket holding the platform is too high you can gently push it down while the printer is off. Simply hold onto the bracket (as close to the drive screw as possible) and push straight down, BE GENTLE no reason to wrestle with it. from there you should be able to attach the build plate to the set pins, Please note the pins do not always line up perfectly with the holes on the build plate and you may have to loosen one or two of them. I have taken two of the pins off completely because the printer only needs 2 in order to function (the 2 remaining are opposite corners of each other).

If the spring loaded level screws are too high just tighten them down, not too far because you still need to level the build plate.


With printer off and gloves on, turn Z screw to lower the platform.