For the shower

A box for shampoo in my shower.

Never printed such a large model : L 20 cm x l 10 cm x H 15 cm

Design with DesignSpark

0,19 mm / Full / 10° / 40% fan and printer close on 3 faces (+back)

Around 1 day printing

Before printing, I re-leveled the bed and put some uhu on it : a little warping

That is supernice! I was thinking about doing one for a long time. Will print it if you share the files. :)

That’s come out really well.

That looks good.

Trhuster, here are the stl models :

Nice print

I suggest 0,14 mm / Full / 10° / 40% fan and my printer is closed on 3 faces (+back)

nice job Ted that looks really cool