found strange part in noozle

These days I had a clogged noozle. After removing the filament and heating the hot end I tried to penetrate the noozle with the steel needle. I was able to put in the needle for approx. 2 cm. But when I tried to load a new filament, it jammend just bevor reaching the noozles exit. So i decided to remove the noozle. After doing this, I cleaned the hotend by removing burned filament. Then I loaded the filament with removed noozle. It worked fine. Then I tried to clean the noozle again. Now I pushed the needle again in the noozle and "plopp" a strange, unknown part plopped out of the noozle (see picture). The "head" of this part has a diameter of 3.4 mm, is axially symetric and it fits perfect into the noozle.

Not knowing what it is, I installed a brand new original noozle. Before I mounted it, I inspected it, but no "strange part" was found. A test print showed no bad result.

Does anybody have an idea what this part could be and where it could come from?

I don't know what it is or where it came from, but I'm pretty darned sure it shouldn't be in your nozzle.

I don't know what it is or where it came from, but I'm pretty darned sure it shouldn't be in your nozzle.


To me it looks plastic. is it?

Cause I would venture to say it is just a clog of material but then if that were the case you wouldn't have posted here right?


No, I´m sure it´s metal. I did not destroy it to proof the material, but on the surface it´s really hard. If you say, this shouldn´t be there, and it can not be from another part inside the M200 than I will crack it to see what type of material it could be.


That is clearly a “pan head” screw, some times small screws will fall into strange places and I’m willing to bet this fell into the box of nozzles and became lodged, what is interesting is I assumed that Zortrax tests every printer before shipping as noted by the printed part they include, but this and other assembly mistakes I’ve heard of from users and re-sellers makes me certain Zortrax may only spot check the occasional printer.

I know this because the company I work for, largest manufacturer of hard drives, has a final inspection before top cover install, the process as the operator transfers the assembly between the final station, they turn the drive over and lightly shake it to allow any dropped parts (screws) to fall out of the drive.

Ok, just to give you a feedback.

I placed the strange part into a bath of acetone for 2-3 days. Yesterday I took it out and when I tried to inspect it, it crumbled. So indeed, it was burned fillament. But it was so strength and unbreackable (and the original filament was yellow - the part was black). So I´m happy that it wasn´t a "real" part, missing on another place.