fun speed


I’m trying to print large pieces and even if set the fun to zero (no auto) into z-suite,   the fan is always in motion

when M-200 works…

My question is: the fan should stop completely or remains a little bit in action even if it is set to zero?
Thanks in advance.

Are you talking about the top or bottom fan?

The top fan should always spin.. The bottom fan provides cooling for filament..

Lol…setting the fun to zero…sounds like going to the DMV… :smiley:

Lol...setting the fun to zero...sounds like going to the DMV... :D

Get to do that 2 months in a row!! lol

Must make sense since my black flag is no print at all.  kidding of course.  Got slammed at work again, so not able to work on my nonprinter.

Ok now we need to have a Fun setting whenever we are having trouble....

Q: "My auto-leveling is not working" A: "Did you turn off your Fun setting?"

Q: "My auto-leveling is working with no intervention" A: "turn off your Fun setting."

Is that anything like those fun-sized candy bars?  If so, I'm not interested.  :P

Seriously though, Kyle is right about the top vs. bottom fan

Top fan working always after turn on the printer, bottom fun is for cooling and working after printing raft layers.

Thanks guys!

it's all clear now ;)

Awesome, have fan with your printer! :smiley:

Awesome, have fan with your printer! :D

of course! :P

excuse me for my poor english...