Guide rails - how tight should the little screws be?


Please see attached. How tight should these little screws be. I believe they hold the rails in place. Mine are slightly loose, should I tighten them. I ask because I don't have a continuous smooth movement from the main print head assembly along these rails, there's slightly more friction as the head moves closer to the outer limits.

Just to clarify which screws - the ones at the top and bottom, not on the sides. 


Should be tight, its hard to describe how tight should it be exactly but make sure there is no loose whatsoever. 

If you are having difficulties with your extruder movement, make sure that you perform [url=]Axes Maintenance[/url]

Hi Marcin,

What is the torque setting for these fixings? I appreciate most people won't have access to a torque wrench/screwdriver that will go low enough but for people with an engineering background it will give them a good "feel" for what they are aiming for.



Great, I did end up tightening them a little hopeful it was the right thing to do. I had done the the Axes Maintenance only recently. Thanks Marcin.

I have a lot of issues with my hotend x & y axis movement. As mentioned above, the movement becomes tighter towards the outer limits of the print area on the x & y axis, to the point of it stopping/jamming before reaching the extremes. This is with the power off, motors removed or unplugged and moving by hand carefully. No amount of alignment including the jig alignment fixes the issue. Would anyone know the correct method, or have a method that aligns the rails properly. If I loosen the smaller of the two screws on two of the aluminium blocks (1 set on each axis) the hotend movement them becomes nice and smooth, indicating to me that there is an alignment issue somewhere. Idea's, anyone?