Hairy PETG Prints


I have been printing in PETG for some time. But I often find I get hairy prints - incredibly fine hairs where the nozzle moves on to the next layer and in more complicated prints I get a crusty edge on some fine details. Ive tried using both external materials and Zortrax material and the same result. I have tried adjusting the print temp down on external material and this does not help either. Here are my most common settings:

SMart Bridges Lite Offset
Gap 0.38 Spacing 4.00
Normal Pattern 0
Density 70%
Surface layers 6 3
Offset 0 0
Seam Normal
Fan Speed Normal
First Layer 100 100 100
First Layer Gap 0.38
Raft Enabled

Any tips on stopping the hairs and generally better print quality much appreciated.


Hi, @CaptainZortrax.

Could you send us some pictures of these hairy prints?
You can attach .zcode and .stl files as well.

Did you receive the pics?

Hey there! I haven’t received any pictures. Where have you sent them?

Changed the whole hot end, seemed to have fixed it…