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Finally got the z-suite software to run on my mac.  When it opened up it prompted for which hardware I had running on the printer. I was given 2 options  Option 1 was v1 and v3   Option 2 was v2.  The M200 says it is running v4.  Does it matter which hardware option I select?  Is there a better choice? Appreciate any advise.  Thanks.

Do you have a ball screw or acme screw?

Which reseller did you buy your M200 from?

I asked the same question elsewhere, for the same reason. Have been using the v03 choice with good results so far.

Please use v1/v3 setting. We will fix it in the next Z-Suite release.

V4 hardware really??

Why so many changes?

Masterpieces take time and tweaks. 😝😃

Masterpieces take time and tweaks.

Except Iphone.. They are on 6 and still trying to catch up to Galaxy.. :lol: :P :D


Every good company does that. Only in this case you are more aware of it because you can read out the version number so easily. Usually it’s more hidden (e.g. part number index). In my company we constantly improve the product and have tons of small index changes per year. Cars for example are the same… Do you really think a year after the first market introduction you buy the same “version” of the car as when it came out? They probably changed hundreds of small things in that time frame which you can hardly recognize. Many of them are simply production related improvements… change a supplier here… improve a tab there (because it breaks too often during assembly)…modifications based on market feedback, etc.

Again…this is a sign of a healthy company and not really something to complain about.

Not complaining here Andre, but this changes have indeed affected users. I am aware that products change over lifetime but they do it the way you describe seamlessly in most cases. You can't notice tha change and changes for good don't need yo for example to open the door( for the example of the car) in a different way than before, or on newer versions panel control is different or mechanical components different in such way you need to take some action, like it happened with V2 hardware which lead to problems and the need for use a promt window for selecting version, and if in case you miss to do it you will get a very different result and bad dimensions.

It is ok to improve, but let users know and release patches, manuals, information etc promptly.

I may miss something but the screw change is the pretty much the only thing that was really noticeable to customers in regards to effects on the print result (z height error) and the fix was relatively prompt, too.

All the other hardware stuff seems pretty seamless in regards to usability. And you have to also consider that we are a special group of users because we do repairs and maintenance ourselves and some of us even have bought 2 or more printers at different times. I can tell you that people that repair their own cars have the same issues if you look a little in the forums. E.g. earlier models having a fuel pump issue but the newer pump doesn’t fit into the old model without changing something else, etc… And the documentation is often not even available to the customer… You have to hunt down a shop manual and 50 TSB’s until you know what to do… I work on my cars, have been through this a lot of times…

And on other products you simply don’t care…because usually you don’t observe the daily development of your coffee machine or microwave on a user forum. And it might very well be that the newest version of your current coffee machine model works significantly better …but you have no comparison because you just have this one and you don’t talk to people having another one! :wink:

Nothing big is changed version to version, parts which have reports with failure rate bigger than 5% are updated and most of changes is to make our life more easy at assembly and testing time.

V4 is theoretically same as V1, V2 (except Z steps) and V3 it is still M200 compared to M200 and not iPhone 3 vs iPhone 4

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Does V4 version have the V2 hot end?



Generally every hardware runs with both version of hot ends, so there is no difference if you’ve got v1 or v2 version of it.




is this the v2 hot end

is this the v2 hot end


thank you