Hardware version: 1, 2, 3 differences...?

Dear Zortrax.

I would love to know every difference between each of the different hardware models you offered.

Thank You.



V1 and V3 have ball screw and V2 has the lead screw

Thanks Techbuilder,

but I imagine they have made more changes than that.

for example:

I imagine they now offer ball-bearing fans (considering how many fan issues people have been experiencing)

I also ordered a replacement stepper, only to notice it didn't have a D-Shaft.

I'll repeat myself to make sure Zortrax staff doesn't miss this one:

Dear Zortrax:

I would love to know every difference between each of the different hardware models you offered.

I think you will find there are even subtle differences with V3 machines. I noticed the latest hot ends have JST style connectors, so I assume the top PCB now has a plug instead of the screw terminal from previous models. So I think the machines are constantly going through small changes.