Help Printing this part

I am working on a new project and just purchased an M200 after previously running a Makergear M2 which I had to leave at my previous employer (Company Owned). So far the machine has been great except when trying to print objects that are retangular. With my M2 I just placed elmers glue stick on the glass bed and I would print ridicuously large regtangular ojects with no delam or warping but Im finding its a challenge with this machine.

Steps Ive taken:

Leveled the bed 0.0 all the way around except left front which is 0.01.

Made sure there was no gap between the perf plate and HBP (followed turtorial on this site)

Added large circles to each corner to anchor the part

Closed up the sides of the machine

Turned off the fan

Using slow print speed

Light Infill

Layer 0.14mm

Im aslo getting a gap at the start of each layer

Not sure if this will help or not, but I have made a couple of mods on my machine.

Have a look at the end of this post:

Were you printing in PLA on the Maker? You might want to try Z-Ultrat. ABS does have a tendency to shrink. You could also print upside down. More support, but the flat mating surface should be much better.. Just have to do minor cleanup on the outside of case.