Help with a new printing issue

Hello all!

I have been printing a part off for some time now (gone through an entire spool printing these.) The other day a set screw came loose on a stepper motor which caused the print head to only move along one axis. Of course it happened while I was gone so by the time I noticed there was about 3 hours worth of printing that was nothing but a giant linear blob.

Once I secured the set screw it started printing again but the surface of the prints now look incomplete. I have attached a large image where you can see the print on the left is from the first batch where the print on the right is after the issue with the stepper motor. I have also noticed before this issue the print would separate from the raft very easily but now it gets quite stuck. The part that is stuck also happens to aligned with the part that looks incomplete.

I have not had many issues so I do not know where to start with diagnosing this one!

Any help would be great thanks!

Maybe try a fresh nozzle?

Extrude a bit of material through while the nozzle is out as well?

Just looks like it might not be pushing enough material through to fill that surface properly...might not help but it's an easy thing to start with.

Did you check all the screws? Did you recalibrate?

Check belt tightness? etc..

My suggestion is to retighten all the screws and and then do a calibration test since it was out of whack for 3 hours. 

Thank you for the suggestions I will be trying that today!

Unfortunately we do not have a new nozzle so that option will have to wait.

I will try tightening all the screws / belts and recalibrate and let you know how it turns out!

If no new nozzle, just soak in acetone for a few hours then clean it out. Should be just fine

Soaking in acetone for a few hours is exactly what I did! It took a bit but got it all cleaning out.

I double checked all belts and screws were tight. I did a calibration and got the following result:

Front Left [-0.0]

Front Right [0.1]

Center [0.6]

Back Left [0.0]

Back Right [0.0]

The Center number has me concerned so I grabbed a level and placed it on the bed and sure enough the center is quite a bit higher. Now I cannot see how that would be causing the issue seen above but that isn't normal is it?

I am printing another part right now so I will update in a couple hours how it went.

Thanks again,

Back with an update:

After cleaning and re-calibrating I had a couple prints that looks pretty much the same as the issue at the beginning. 

I started another print just before lunch, took off for an hour, and came back to a blob of plastic around the hotend. I quickly shut it off and cleaned as much of the plastic off the hotend before it cooled and then tried to extrude some material through again. The stepper motor was chattering like it was struggling to feed (I could see the feed gear was jumping back and forth and not feeding at constant rate) and very little plastic was coming through the nozzle.

Am I totally hooped? I will be contacting Zortrax support to hopefully fix this issue as it has gone from imperfect prints to unable to print at all!

Thanks again,