HIPS layer thickness limited to 0.14 and 0.19?

I would like to print HIPS with a 0.39 layer thickness for speed, any reason HIPS is limited, while ABS is not?

x2 for that.

I print a lot of parts at 0.29mm in ABS and was surprised to see HIPS without it.

I'm curious to know why as well.

I'm guessing layer adhesion.. Just a guess though.. Might have to try HIPS with ABS profile and see what happens..

you can run hips with ABS settings as long as you use hundred percent fan it works I’ve done it, I was using hips before hips was on the table. but I do not recommend running anything at.39

Layer 0.29 on HIPS will be added on the following update, as well as improved 0.29 on ABS.

Any day now?  :D  :D