hot end


Is the hot end changed in hardware version 4, compared to the one in the manual?

My hot end seems to be leaking material at the connection between the tube flange and the aluminium block.

I was going to strip it down to investigate, but the procedure manual shows a signal cable on one of the one does not have this normal for new hardware?

It is never normal for filament to be leaking out anywhere except from the tip of the nozzle.  Make sure nothing is loose but be careful because the screws can strip easily in the aluminum block.  I had to get a new hotend because of that.

Have you got a signal cable coming off one of the screws?

Its seems that the signal cable was required in the older versions.

My v3 version don't have this seperate signal cable but the auto calibration works, so I assume that its not longer needed for the never versions.