Hotend hard to extract and insert

Hi everyone!

Recently i changed my hotend on my M200Plus with a brand new one (v3 of course!) and i noticed I had a hard time pulling out the older and used one and putting in the new one. Now I’m afraid the new one is stucked because I applied quite a generous force to put that in (not excessive to not bend or ruin the round guides above but it should be a very easy and light work according to the zortrax video guide).

Anyone has experienced the same problem? Any advice for the next hotend change (which will come soon cause I’m switching from z-pla-pro to z-abs)?

Many thanks!

Hey there!

Before removing the hotend next time, make sure that it cools down. Removing hot part can cause some problems. Besides, make sure that none of the screws blocks hotend’s way.
Applying slight force may be necessary, so if you install the hotend and everything works fine, there is no need to worry.

Should you have any questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile: