Hotend V2, Nozzle, Extruder Cable, Fan Cooler price reduction

FYI, parts posted above got massive, permanent discount. Additionally, getting it in bundle sets (>5), gives you another discount. 

Hotend V2:

69E -> 34,90E

5x -> 30E (1pc)


19E -> 12,90E

5x -> 11E (1pc)

Extruder Cable (m200)

59E -> 25E

5x -> 22E (1pc)

Extruder Cable (m300)

89E -> 29E

5x -> 26E (1pc)

Fan Cooler:

19E -> 10,90E

5x -> 9,4E (1pc)

What about heater/thermocouple assemblies? I've replaced more of those than anything else.

I have just ordered a set but just like Julia I'm more interested in heater/thermocouples