How come every update seems to use more filament and take longer?

Has anyone noticed the exact same prints are taking longer and using more filament each update of Z-suite?

I have a model, exactly the same and sliced with the same settings taking (z-suite 2.9.0) 6hrs 43mins (56grams), just updated with same settings now its (z-suite 2.10.0) 9hrs 31mins (60grams)…

I noticed this a while back when I update to a newer version but it’s getting ridiculous…

Happy for someone to slice something with exact same settings and look at the difference…

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Hi Beninja,

Yes, as you have noticed - it might take longer to complete particular prints. We have introduced the Thin Walls Infill option which generates denser and more durable infill in thin walls. As a result, Z-SUITE generates more paths which have to be filled in. However, take a look at the screenshot below:

You can simply decrease the max. wall thickness to 1.00 mm. Also, the print will use less material then.

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Default settings are 3.13mm. So default 2.9.0 it’s actually 1.00mm?

Hi, @Beninja.

We’ve improved process of creating this infill, so this parameter is not directly relatable to previous versions. However, thin walls infill was generally applicable for all walls thinner than 3mm, but settings could vary depending on material type.