How many cubic cm in a spool of Z-ABS

Does anyone know how many cubic cm is there in a spool of Z-ABS?

I am making my printer available to people in my area via the 3D Hubs site, however, the price I set is per cm3.

$1 per cm3 just seems like so much, but if I knew how much there is total in a spool, I could know really how much I should charge :)


I found this..

I figured it out before that 1 gram is about equal to the cm on 3d hubs. So I set my price on there as such. 

But it all depends on the infill used.

I have a file I did for someone that is 102 cm and it used 93 grams with solid and another was 4.5 cm and used 7 grams with full but if changed the infill I would got about 5 g. So I have it listed as $10 start up to cover discrepancies and electricity plus I ask them to pick the infill but they never do. lol

When I first signed up on there and other sites I couldn't believe what they were charging but you don't want to go too cheap as it will possibly alienate you because people will think its cheap for a reason so you want to underscore but still stay within the average pricing. 

On my website I offer services way cheaper than on the 3D sites. lol 

Cheers and good luck. lol

Thank you both! :) This helps in every way :)

Don't forget about your time.. If you have a large part with light infill it can still take hours to print.. I think I have mine at .75 per cube cm. A 24 hour print gets me about $150. About average for this area. This company I deal with eats it up as the injection mold they will making costs about $25,000.