Huge dimensions problem

Hello again ;)

I habe big problems to get the right dimensions on my printed part.

The part i printed is attached to this thread. I need this for a customer, really quick. I have been testing around, but i have no solution for this big problem.

So here is my big problem... :rolleyes:

(Bottom Part)

This part has a constructed inner dimension of 45,5x50,5 and a wall thickness at 1,6mm.

So the outer dimension is 45,5+1,6+1,6= 48,7mm and 50,5+1,6+1,6= 53,7mm

Ok... so far so good. I printed this part with the settings i attached to this thread.

Then i measure the dimensions and what i get is very very bad.

For the inner dimension i get 45x50mm (0,5mm difference !!!!)

For the wall i get 1,9mm - 1,98mm

And for the outer dimension i get the right measure?!

Hmmm.... if the wall were at the right dimension, the inner dimension will be right too.

Why is this happen? What can i do? I think the Z-Suite software is doing something wrong...

I can change the dimension in the CAD, but thats not so easy, because i hurt other solids/dimensions. I constructed this part in Solidworks. Are there any options?

What can i do now. I need this part really quickly for a customer, and by the way i expect more from a printer with that price range.





Thank you in further


Intressting we have the same Problem we lose 0,5mm layer when we have a part +/- 40mm high ?

Oh... 0,5mm in Z Axis? Thats very bad.

My parts are a little to high 0,1-0,15mm.

The printer puts an excellence surface out, but i need the right dimensions, than a good surface <_<

Zortrax support... can you support us and give advice how to handle dimension issues?

Can u give us further information how to construct a model that the right dimensions are printed well, or how the Z-Suite slice the model?