I'm having a problem

I can't my z-suite to print a solid object.  Is it the way the part was made or do I not have something checked. 

I've printed in (full, solid, mesh, shell) they all come out the same. 

You can see the part is hollow in layers. 

I am pretty sure is something you have checked in the software, I print solid objects all the time.what are you trying to print? post pictures so we can get a better idea what your problem is

Don't see the part..

What was the part designed in? Running Mac or Windows for Z-Suite? If you are just looking at the software, it won't show the infill.

<a href="http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/William_Kirk/media/20150221_081608_zpsiosm74fm.jpg.html"

<a href="http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/William_Kirk/media/20150221_082046_zpsdjbryqkr.jpg.html"

Windows 7

Edited last post..It won't show infill on software.. "memory saver" It will print with infill though.. Print a couple of small cubes to see how the infill looks. That will give you an idea.

This is normal. The infill is never shown in the preview of zsuite to reduce the strain on the graphic card. It will print it, no worries.



here is another part that turned out hollow

that's also normal...the walls in this particular case are too close together for the slicer to create an infill. But this has nothing to do with the way it is displayed in zsuite. If you would scale the gear up and print it it would have an infill.

So...if you really need that wall to be solid you need to make it a tad thicker (but zsuite will still not show you the infill!) 

One more question. 

How important is keeping the filament away from moisture. Its cool and damp out side and I'm in the garage with the door open

I've had filament out of the bag for over a year. Still prints fine. You might want to put sides on the printer as cool outside air can cause large prints to warp.

I have never had a problem with the filament not printing right but it in in my heated office, like Kyle says you should have side panels for shore, you can get them on ebay.

Thanks for your help.  Things are all good now