In every print platform goes higher and touches the nozzle

Hi Zteam,

I bought printer month ago. My problem started maybe two weeks after I get printer (m200). In the begining it was every maybe 5, 7 prints when has to recalibrate platform otherwise platform was going too high and the nozzle scratched it. At the moment I need to recalibrate platform every time I want to print. Now i have many scratches on the platform this problem ruins My printing. And again when I recalibrate the platform or auto-calibrate (which is allways faild on front :/) first print is nice but next one platform is too close the nozzle or touch it. 

I would be greatfull for quick respond.

Thank You. 


Make sure all the connections are secure and the nozzle clean because it should not crash into the build platform.  


Thanks for advice. I've checked all connections and everythink seems to be right. I have measured level of platform and left front corner is lower than the rest. I've also cleaned underneath of perforated platform to make sure none abs left there. I've done autocalibration did not fail this time. I uploaded photo of my drawing with measurements. Measures 3 and 4 of each corner are more accurate. Do You know how to move it up, it's like 0.1, 0.2 mil difference. 902