information on options

Hello group / developers

first of all thank for 0.0.9, I think it really improved the print quality!

I have a few questions:

-Is there any information available about the new advanced infill option "shell" and "mesh"?

-is there any scenario where it would be beneficial to turn off the "avoid holes option"?

-what is the advantage of increasing the surface layer number ? better stability on large surfaces / wider inner support structures? That option is only for horizontal surfaces right?

thanks for any feedback!



No one? - push


OK.. from what I can gather.. Shell is best for models without bottom or top. It will not generate any support...Mesh will give you a hollow model and will generate support structures when needed. The avoid hole thing I just leave on.. Surface layer will will give you thicker top and bottom making the model a little stronger.. Not sure if I am 100% on all of this though..

Thanks Kyle!

Still not very clear to me, just downloaded the Z-Suite manual, but mesh and shell are not described in there yet.

@Zortrax: can you update the manual?