Is hardware version 04 the same as 01/03 or 02?

The software asks for hardware version, options are 01/03 and 02. I just unboxed by new printer and it reports hardware version 4. What do I select in the software? 

Cool! Didn't know there was a V4. I suspect select V3 as I think that option really just caters for the different Z screw that was used on V2.

On a different note. The latest spare hot ends I received have molex plugs on them, instead of bare wires. Do you know if your V4 has plugs? You can see by removing the printed top on the extruder stepper motor. V3 and earlier have screw in terminal blocks.

I will take a look at that after I solve a few other problems. The Z screw appears to be a ball screw so I picked 01/03. Appears to be printing now!

Which reseller did you buy your M200 from?

I'm hoping the connectorized hot end is here to stay, it's a heck of a lot more convenient. Backwards-compatible with older terminal block printers if you have a wire cutter :)

Reseller was Octave Systems in Campbell, Ca. Started to order from USB in WA state, but discovered they are the same entity, and Octave was closer. No complaints about them, shipped the same day.

Underneath the cover where the ribbon cable goes in, looks like a bunch of connectors, some wires running down to the hot stuff. No screw terminals visible anywhere.