Is this start-up noise normal?

I didn't notice this at first (I think it just started happening recently) but now when I turn the zortrax on, I get the noise shown in this video. It is pretty loud, and I believe it is coming from under the tray where all the electronics are housed. Bad fan possibly? Or, I could just be extra sensitive and this is a normal sound.

That is one of the fans.. Probably the top fan. I replaced mine with a ball bearing fan.. I'm guessing it gets quiet after about a minute..

Definitely one fan, just replace.

Scythe or Noctua are great replacements, and much quieter.

That's what I figured! Anyone know the size off the top of their head? I will replace with a noctua, thats what I have in my PC

40mm x10mm

Here is what I replaced mine with..