Issue removing top of support from model

For a project I'm working on I did design a case with a bottomplate and a topplate with large holes in.

The first prototype was printed in Z-ULTRA and it printed a little warped but for the rest ok.

It was not very easy to remove the support but with pliers and screwdrivers all the support could be removed.

For other prints I used already many times Z-HIPS and they look fantastic with the mat finish.

So I printed the case in Z-HIPS and It lookes good on the outside, a little warped but within acceptabele limits.

The problem is to remove the top layer of the support from the topplate.

The support on the bottom side came of like it was supposed to.

I printed with the Z-HIPS profile on 0.14 and top quality with software 1.7.1

The printer has side panels and a large removable top cover, which was closed during the print.

What can I try to adjust to allow the support layer to come of easy.

Thanks in advance,


I printed the same part with Z-PETG now and I was also able to remove support, so ULTRA and PETG work but HIPS is problematic for me.

HIPS is my favorite general printing material.....but my least favorite when dealing with supports like what you show.

1. HIPS is very soft/waxy, it's easy to drive/smear the support you're trying to remove into the base part (by scraping for instance). Once it bonds like that, basically can't get it off cleanly. Only peal/wedge away the support from the base part.

2. Before removing support, place the part in a freezer.

3. Play with fan speeds/covers

4. Change orientation (if you printed your part vertically, would have way less support area required)

Thank you for the explanation, will try to fiddle with the settings next time.

Will try to put the part in the freezer tomorrow.



i have exact the same problem printing with ABS.

As i remember, it was better some months ago.

Maybe this is because of any updates?

I print a lot of these and it costs me a lot of time to remove the support with a sharp knife.

For sure 6 month ago (so lot updates ago) it was very easy to remove the support by hand.

Can i change something in the design? I am thinking about creating a second plate and a small gap (0.19mm) between the shape i want and the shape which touch the support.

Every help is welcome.

Thanks a lot.



I can confirm that we are having issues with HIPS but had no idea about ABS, could you please upload me that STL so I can make few tests?

Thank you very much, i wrote you a private message with the attached files.

I solved itby printing in cool grey z-ultra. I really hope they fix z-hips because i love the mat finish