Issues with printer, want to hear your thoughts

My printer was off for a period of about a month, didn't change anything just never had the time to use it.

When I started it back up I got the error directly on start-up, no firmware or software changes. I believe there error was "Update.bin not found" or something like that, either way I was able to get around it by downloading the files that one of the Zortrax Team members had uploaded to drop box.

Now, about half of my prints will either just stop partway through, lower z like print is finished and stop heating, or about half the time when I put the SD card in it will say no files found.

What's this sound like to you guys? Do I need to get a new SD card? Firmware problems?

I have reformatted the SD to whatever was suggested a few times, completely wiped it and re-added files, doesn't seem to change anything though

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Have you tried a new SD card? That would be the first thing I would try. If that didn’t work then I would move on to the lcd display and contacting support.

Had similar from memory when my SD card crapped out.

That would be my first stop, a new card.


Jaycar has a 2gb replacement that works. It's a micro SD supplied with an SD adapter.

They told me it's for all old school cameras, printers, etc