Issues with Ukrainian Reseller

Hello, Zortrax Team!

I was unlucky in getting a printer from Ukrainian reseller. My first experience with 3d printing started with the Rapide3d 200 Lite machine. It did not meet my expectations and eventually i came to conclusion that i need the best printer on the market - Zortrax M200 :D ! Had few questions about the M200 model so i made a phone call to SmartPrint and in the end of our conversation i told them that after i sell my Rapide3d printer i'll make them another phone call to make an order. Unexpectedly i was happy to hear that they can sell it in their shop for me! I delivered the printer to the shop and we had a deal about the price. Some time later it was sold and i did not paid attention that the amount of money they mentioned was slightly lower than in our agreement. I asked for an email with all the calculation about how much more i need to pay to get the M200. Several days later i've got a massage from them with the price listed for my sold printer even lower than mentioned before! I made a phone call and asked for the explanation. Surprisingly the man on the phone started to yell at me(!) and ... (i'm very sorry if it is inappropriate but i don't know how to say this in English and Google Translate suggested me so) ... he cussed me out(he used lots of rude words) and hang up the phone. I was SHOCKED! To cut the long story short i hardly managed(he moved to another office and refused to tell me where he is!? it was only old address on the website) to get at least some money from him. In the end i've got ~600$ for the almost new printer(only half of the spool used) which cost me 1500$. I am more than sure that they sold it at much higher price. Forgot to mention that he refused to tell me the price on Z-Filament and insisted on buying his own produced filament and use Z-Temp! It was not all the bad things happened to me while working with the guy. Only mentioned the major ones!

Now to my main question. I still want to buy your great printer and i have a friend from Ukraine in Poland at the moment. He will leave Gdansk at Saturday. He told me that he can buy a printer and deliver it to me. Is it the best choice to order it from 3dphoenix? What if i'll have some kind of an issue with the machine(warranty stuff)? And the biggest one: is it going to be the latest model with all the upgrades(New perf board etc)? Thank you in advance if you could answer at least some of the questions because i don't know Polish and can't ask 3dphoenix myself :)

Hey there Andrey

So as it goes about the SmartPrint, we're not cooperating with this firm at the moment therefore they are not our official reseller, so there is not much what we can do in this case.

As it goes about the 3D Phoenix, this is our biggest official reseller in Poland and we recommend this firm. I just checked and yes, they do have the latest versions of Zortrax M200 aveilable.



Thank you! What about a warranty policy for customers who can't buy them locally?

PS information i provided about the "pleasant" experience i've got from Ukrainian reseller was just to inform you. I fully understand that you can't make SmartPrint work better :D

Maybe you can consider working with another firm that does not fool people :)

Warranty on our products is valid in the whole Europe. It doesn't really matter where you buy the printer from, as soon as it's in Europe.

If you're thinking of Ukraine, then you need to talk to the Reseller about the warranty details to treat your case individually. I'm sure that they're going to help you in this or eather way.

Thank you so much! Will try to buy the printer again :D Hope that this time i will be lucky to get one

I don't understand why you have to go through a reseller and not the Zortrax company itself.

I don't understand why you have to go through a reseller and not the Zortrax company itself.

Are you saying about me ordering from Zortrax to Ukraine directly? There are going to be lots of problems with customs in Ukraine. I've done that mistake when i bought Rapide3d printer.

Or were you talking about my friend in Poland to get it directly from Zortrax?