Large model layer offset

Hello all, I have printed a large model, it filled the whole workspace and used a complete roll of Z-ABS. There is serious layer shifting at various levels, have a look at the pics. I did contact support yesterday, waiting for feedback. Any ideas? Could it be due to material shrinkage? The raft was OK and the model bonded well to it. 


John Tangerås

Probably yes, shrinking.

The shifting on the right side is at the same height level with the splitting on the left, so most likely that's the cause.

Large/high models with both thin and thick walls are hard to print, I'm surprised that you actually did somehow complete this one.

I don't think you can do much about it, but maybe:

- lightest infill possible

- thicken the thin part (if model purpose allows it)

- split&print the model in 2 or more pieces

- enclosure, no fan?


Also check that the bed alignment posts are tight. I used to think that it was OK to leave them loose to make bed removal and installation easier, but I think that if they are loose it's possible for the bed to shift during printing, so I keep them tight now.