Let us decide/place seam placement


So I was printing an object on the M200 using ABS-2 and two identical part came out completely different. The part was printed flat and not in an angle. I think its because of the seam placement which are all bunched up in the same place, correct me if Im wrong.

Its not the first time that Im looking at placing seams where I want them using multiple printing software. So yeah, there is my suggestion.

Good day !

Hello @BE_DE3D_Inc,

could you provide .zcode and .stl files of the model, so we can have a look at them?

As for the seam - we have already implemented new seam modes, including a user specified one in Z-SUITE 3.0.0 BETA (Endureal and M Series Plus only). Unfortunately, no futher software and firmware updates will be available for the M200/M300.

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I see, thank you for the reply.

There they are :

anemometre_custom.zcode (8.1 MB)
anemometre_02.zprojx (7.8 MB)