Lightweight Parts

Hello community,

for my application ( I need very lightweight prints. With my former Leapfrog Creatr I set the infill to 7-8%. Z-Suite comes with the shell and mesh option. The latter is already close to working for me, see the enclosed pictures. There is just the cylindrical part at the shaft, that did not print. I also need to print a lot of heads, which will work fine except for the very top of the head, where surfaces are close to horizontal. What could fix this is a basically hollow print, but with internal support for angles less than 20 or 30°. The strength of the parts with two perimeters is fine. I still think about how Zortrax is that much better than my former printers at interlayer adhesion.

One more Question: Yo see some nasty layering in the print, which with my Creatr was better, but after a lot of tuning only. Did you find ways, to improve it? The mechanical design of the M200 should be able to do much better in this regard.


Which layering are you talking about? What resolution did you use!


thanks for your reply. I was a bit unprecise. And I know that I am "complaining" at a very high level. Nevertheless I think the M200 has more potential. I marked the layering I was referring to on the attached photo. Layer thickness in this case was 0.14mm. For a shoe, it is not that bad, but for a head or hands, especially when looking at it in sunlight, the not optimal layering becomes very visible.


Please see here…

Maybe you should try the maintenance, too

This ABS don’t looks as Z-ABS/Z-ULTRAT did you printed it with material which is not Z- series ?

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Andre, thanks for the link, I will read through it.

Martin, you are absolutely right, this is not Z-ABS. I had some material left from my Creatr and I did not want to through it into the bin. Prints ok, but support removal is a bit worse compared to Z-ABS. I can imagine, that you did quite some effort to adjust the printer and the material relative to each other and I will go with your materials for the future.


that was what i just wanted to say... it's too opaque for it to be zabs. most probably your own filament is designed for much lower temperature than the zabs profile, so you cant get good results and nice support removal.

apart from that, one solution would be to make your design hollow (meshmixer can do it in 5 seconds) and then just add an inside pillar as custom internal support at the problematic area.

Or print with the toe facing down so sole of shoe is at about a 40 degree angle.. You should get better surface finish in most areas.

Voudas, Kyle, thanks a lot for your suggestions. I found a way already by extending the cylindrical hole all the way down to the sole. Everything else prints fine without infill. Very light and by far strong enough.  

I looked at the xyz maintenance and will perform it the next days.


Those prints look good to me. There is nothing nasty about them. If you are unhappy with those prints, you need a $30,000 commercial printer.

rsilvers, I intentionally used quotation marks with "complaining". I just supposed, that judging by the mechanical design the Zortrax could do better and now after following Andre´s advice it does better. I am not unhappy with the printer, it is great, probably the best value for money at the time beeing.