I have a problem of my Zortrax M200.


i have generate a file to print in my z-suite ( last version ) and put it to print.

my scene use all X and Y space still at border but the file was generated good. all ok here.


Calibration was perfect and printer start print.

initially start with first layer but when the extruder arrive in extreme right if the platform…the extruder hit with chassis and push strong and force me toshout down the printer for dont make damages

i think the little limit switch on the right side can be broken?


when print start i can hear a strong rumors, like when a motor make a very quick movment.......and belt dont follow good and some teeth jump....

but i have alredy check the belt, and belt are tight and strong

Sounds like the X and Y sensor stops are not activating, these are what tells the printer where the extruder 0,0 is before printing.

You may need to adjust the activation arms of the sensors or if broken replace them.

If you moved the extruder away from the front left corner and then turn on your printer, before printing it should move the extruder to the front left corner to sense both X and Y sensors that sets the home positions, all printing movement is measured from this point.

Can you post a picture of the printer in the idle position, such as when you use the "Auto Calibrate" function and the print head is sitting in the front left corner. if there is an offset issue where the homing switch is pushed out or broken that should show it if not visible on the switch its self.


i will post a picture tomorrow, now im printing

i have recomb models on print file for dont use all XY space and avoid that problem for now.......i have see in some place in the space movement are very noisy and on other totaly silent....

i start also to considerate another thing.......what if  have some rail not perfectly parallel??? or something similar, i have substitute recently all rail support, removing the plastic version for introduce the metallic version ( u can see in that tread: )

maybe i have tight too much some bolt? too much tight belt? and with extruder its just blocked becouse not good parallel rails when go in corner ?

so i share here the file for print.....if someone wanna printer crash after....4...5 minuts, always in same point

this is video and movie about the problem

@Drew: i try unassembling the siwtch and use the multimeter for check if work or not

@Micheal: i try, at first look it looc...on center, no offset