Lion Head Wall Hanger

I printed a nice 3D scan of a lion sculpture, I made a model of it that can be fixed on the wall. It has a ridged hole in the back so it can hang on a nail. After printing I coated it with bronzeglue and patinated it, doesn't even look like a 3D print anymore. The file can be downloaded here:



That's nice ! can you explain what is "bronzeglue" ?

very nice

Have a look here:

Whaouh ! beautiful technique, thank you for sharing :)

Just a few examples :)




And yes, those are all 3D printed :D

The effect is really very successful !

The little black patina is not obtained with the glue and powder, is it another technique?

No it is done by making a solution of ''liver of sulfur'', a special dry chemical for patinating. You break off a piece (I bought a bag with 100 grams which is actually a lot) and put it in water, then get that onto your metalpainted model (bronze or copper) and it wil oxidate. Then when it is dried you can polish/burnish the model and the metal will shine in the exposed surfaces.

I will try all that soon, thanks very much :)

few more :)

This one was made from HIPS, it was a gift for my brother in law.

few more :)

I'm not the guy for putting statues in my rooms, especially gremlins and the like.

But I like that statue of YosemiteSam, did you do a body scan for it?  :ph34r:

I said: ''hands up!'' and quickly sculpted it :)

well, that scared young guy...

But well done. :-)