M200 plus sleep mode

Seems like M200 plus printer does not have sleep mode like M300 has, 10 minutes after print end it goes to sleep mode. M200 stays awake and what is most important - it keeps heating buildplate to 40 degrees. Looked over settings, didnt notice any setting about this. Zortrax team, is that possible to add on Plus series printers sleep mode?

Hey there. That option is not available at the moment. Our specialists have already received such suggestions for consideration.

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Thank you. Its useless waste of electricity when printer after finishing job keeps heating buildplate

Thought about it. Basically there is no need to total sleep mode, its enough for option, that after completing print printer stops heating buildplate.

I hope that you will implement this feature in next updates, it will be very helpful. Thanks this I won’t have to go back to work to turn off the printer :wink:

Hey there!

We’ve just added this option :slight_smile:
Check out this post :arrow_left::arrow_left::arrow_left: