M200 suddenly stopped printing

I was printing a figurine and it just stopped for no apperant reason att all. Any clue why? I use latest Z-suite and FW from Zortrax homepage. I have printed same model on duplicator before and no problem.

Format your SD card and try to don’t save file directly to SD card, just first save it on the desktop and then copy to SD card.

Try also to use grounded power outlet

If issue still exist then:

Remove four screws holding the LCD panel, put some stuff under the display and leave it on the cover. If this solves your problem we will send you a new LCD panel.

Photo 1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w56n0szr6d1tu1p/Zor3.jpg

Photo 2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vd0gmmfl9r6t8an/Zor2.jpg

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Got it. I use grounded power outlet already. Formating SD card and save file on computer first. Testing again.

Well, this time doing nothing screen blacked out. I was not even printing. Anyway, i will now try and print with display detached same as in your picture.

let us know.

How is it now ?

I am out off luck. It prints but i have some annoying squeaking noice now, I have checked all pulleys so belt is in the middle and adjusted some just abit but still same squeaking noice. Also bed is as low it can be, springs all compressed. Did lubricate all rods too but same noice i still there.

But printing same figurine as before now with formated sd-card and saved file to computer first and with display detached on a piece of paper. I am more worried about noice at this time.

Try to find out where the noise is coming from. Does it sound like the belts or the bearings or something else? Did you tighten anything too much?

I cant find out what is causing the noice at this time. You can listen to it here

Hmm, almost sounds like some small vibrations in the rods… Mine sounded like that once but then it stopped.


We will prepare pictures for you how to solve this, somehow your printer is unlucky.

Please share the picture here, too… just in case! :wink:

@Trhuster - use the allen key and tighten the screws (2screws on each rods holder) at the marked place on the picture, you have to tighten them so that they were not loose.

wow…some of mine were loose, too… how tight should they be? Just snug or really tight?

Me too, I would say of the 8, 3 were loose, and really loose. Strange thing is when I move the head manually quickly, it makes a clunking sound that I can feel. I cannot see anything that it could be hitting. I never noticed this before but I am not sure if I moved the head manually at this speed before.

Seems that the loose screws thing is pretty widespread…

no clunking here, but i had a slip/stick noise when moving slowly. I fixed it by applying some of the grease to the spinning rods. I think it was the brass bushings on the dry rods…

I’m terrible with mechanical noises…cant stop searching until i know what it is! :rolleyes:

Thx Rafal, on a rush to work now. I shall tighten screws when back from work. I printed figurine with display detached without problems! Amazing quality, light infill and no support.

Looks good Trhuster! Good to see it printed fine this time.

My display keep blacking out like this when i dont do anything with printer. I also have tightend all bolts as in picture and checkad all other screws but still same noice, i wonder if sound is from linear bearing in x-axis.

Edit: Printer is on in picture.

Try to tight this all bolts so hard as possible, also when printer printing something try to hold with hands double smooth rods which supporting extruder and then check if sound disappear.

About LCD problem we will shipping to you new one.

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Yea i already hold rods with finger while printing and small rods is ok i think. I am not sure where sound is from still but i will find the reason in this weekend when i have more time. I showed them my figurine at work and their minds where blown, they could not belive that it was printed! :smiley: I am happy.