M200 zsuite 2.10.0 issues

Hi i am having some weird issues with 2.10.0 and the m200, the last couple of models i have tried to process with the latest version of zsuite will not print, i get an error message that tells me to re-export the file, this does nothing. if i fo back to an older version the same file will slice and print just fine, also at the bottom of the graphics pane in z suite i get a message flashing up post sclicing saying there is an new verson of firmware for my machine, i am using 1.3.1 which according to your website is the latest version.

Hi, @dnahacker.
Could you send me one of the files that cause such error?
Please, send me the .txt file with settings as well.
I will check it.

hi, of course, how do i get them to you? it was easy on the FB group to send attachments, i dont see a way of sending privately on here

You can send them via PM (I’ve just sent you a message) :slight_smile:

Hi, the files are too large for attaching, plese follow this link


I’ve just sent you an access request :slight_smile:


I gave you access (i think)

Thank you.
I’ve tried to print the file and everything worked fine.
Make sure that the file is properly saved on the SD card. You can try another card too.
I suggest that you check firmware version in printer’s menu to make sure that it actually updated.