M24 Bolt and Nut

I wanted to compare a bolt print to duplicator i did a while ago. I printed both without support and bolt is way better with Zortrax. Nut however has alot of stringing for some reason on Zortrax.

Please send for me .stl file of this nut support@zortrax.com to check is it software error or lack of support, ABS need support almost always minimal 10degrees is have to be.

Retry nut with 10degrees of support and always try to use support.

Best Regards

I had no support just to see what happend. It is nice to know the limitations buy trial. Bolt is from thingiverse.


That is exactly the same stringing that I had on my tube. It happens due to nozzle not being close enough to a surface to adhere the string to. In my case I had 10deg support on.

The nut thread has an angle though… Shouldn’t that work without support?

Bolt looks fantastic! :slight_smile: