M300 Dual disconnecting LAN

Hi there,

I´ve noticed several times that the M300 Dual looses LAN (not WiFi) connectivity after some hours of printing. This happens not every time, but often enough to become very annoying.

Reconnecting the LAN cable doesn´t solve the problem. The only solution I found is rebooting the printer, what is - naturally - not the best idea in the middle of a printing process.

Is there any solution? Is this a known issue?

Please don´t suggest to check the cable or similar, because this is already done. The Problem must be within the M300 Dual.


Hi there,

Unfortunately, I have not received any response to this so far. In the meantime, the LAN connection fails reliably after a few hours and cannot be reactivated.

It is a printer for large components, in which case it is particularly disastrous that the network connectivity reliably fails completely after a few hours.

Of course I use the latest firmware.