M300 Dual electronic problems


Once again I need to troubleshoot something with this device. For some time we had an issue with axis calibration. It fails all the time.

So here’s the breakdown:

  1. When extruder is at its base position (bottom left corner) and I try to unload material or start a print the extruder hits the case, throws up an error that either of the optical X/Y sensors doesn’t work and restarts. Before each unload/print I need to turn the printer off, move the extruder somewhere else and then boot up.
  2. When I try to perform axis calibration the printer soon stops and gives me a warning that there’s a problem with X or Y sensor and it’s going to print but with reduced speed. I bought new sensors, tried every combination and it didn’t help.

Can someone point the direction in which I need to go now?

Side question to Zortrax employees - can the extruder engine gear wheel, which moves the material, be bought separately? There is a shorter version for M200/M300 available but I can’t find the M300 dual version anywhere. I need to replace it.

Hi @Tommar,

most often, the XY error occurs when the rods are misaligned - check the extruder’s motion to see if there is resistance when moving the extruder (turn the printer off and move the extruder manually towards each corner of the housing). If you feel resistance - clean the rods with acetone and apply silicone oil. In general, please carry out the axes maintenance. Check the pulleys, belts tension (short and long ones) etc. You can actually refer to all manuals available on the support center. Moreover, you can check the motors as shown in step 7.

As for the extruder motor gear for the M300 Dual - unfortunately, it is impossible to purchase it separately. It only comes together with the whole extruder (as it includes the motor).

Best regards