Machine cutting out

Hi there, I had a failed print last night and the machine was covered in extruded  material. I have cleaned out the machine and taken the print head apart and cleaned that thoroughly. After re-assembly whenever I attempt to load new filament into the machine it cuts out and restarts. 

I have tried different options on the menu every other function works apart from the load and unload filament option. Why is the machine cutting out and how do I fix this?

Any advice will be appreciated.

For a problem like this I would advise contacting support directly.

When you say "cutting out" do you mean the machine turns off? By turning off I mean the lights, fans, and everything or does the OLED just turn off? Also did you check all your connections on the top of the print head (when you unplugged the hot end you may have pulled out one of the wires).

Also can you tell us about the print that failed, what did the fail look like specifically? was it a large print, was the raft lifted up, was the whole thing just noodles? Having more info might give us an idea as to the problem, sending off a printer for repair or replacement can take a while due to shipping times, and it may just be a simple fix even if it sounds and looks complex.



The failed print was like a large bowl of noodles. The machine was completely turning off, fan, LED's, screen, the lot. The problem was a melted/broken wire from the hot-end shorting the machine out.

Luckily I had one spare. 


I figured it was a short but I did not think about the other end of the heater... good job on the find and good luck with printing.